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Tiffany is a close friend of Zuri and her bunkmate at camp last summer.



Bringing Danlily Down

Zuri discovers that Tiffany has been taken by Danlily Industries  to be used as a human experiment. Tiffany is in a tasting room dehydrated and weak. The Head scientist on the case who is actually an undercover agent for The Organization demands that the tests be stopped and Tiffany rehydrated.


She is Zuri's frenemy, and might have a tad bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She spends most of her time reading books or studying. She is obsessed on making all her grades perfect, and feels pressured to live up to the high expectations of her overly strict mother. Though at times she can be seen being very childish, she still tries her best to let her (sort of) kind nature show through. Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Tiffany is an...



Physical Appearance

She appears to be shorter than her roommate, Zuri. Tiffany is a young Asian-American girl, who has black hair and brown eyes. Her style is full of bright colors, however, her style is studious like a uniform. She is usually seen wearing a button up shirt, with colored short jeans, and flats with socks. She is very casual, and her hair is usually in a pony-tail or side-braid.