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Ning Xiu Paige Sakurai is Keung's intrepid and hyper active 16 year old sister.


Sometime in 2008 Ning Xiu was kidnapped by a vendictive ex-family friend. Guo Sun saw the man shoving a 5 year old Ning Xiu into a red 4-door 2009 sedan and speeding off. Three years later a cop named Matt Parkmen noticed a vheicle doing 70 in a 33 mile per hour zone and proceded to do a routine traffic stop. Upon giving chase he notices a now 7 year old Ning Xiu secretly waving for help. Upon relizing who she was and who he was called in back up and capturing the driver and returning Ning Xiu home to her family.


Shelby has neck length silky blonde hair an deep blue eyes. Ron calls her Shelby the Beutiful for this reason. She is 59.0 inches tall and weighs 91.3 ibs.


Shelby is discribed as happy, outgoing, adventourous, hyper, and loving. The intrepid Shelby enjoys running, jumping, hiking pretty much anything that involves adventure. But most of all she enjoys spending time with Ronny. She'll do anything she can to make him laugh. When it comes to her friends she's strong and very protective of them, possibly traits she gained from her brother.

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Power Type: Cosmic

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Keung Sakurai

Big Brother/BFFIF


Keung her big brother

我爱我的大哥哥。 他总是在我需要他的人

(Wǒ ài wǒ de dà gēgē. Tā zǒng shì zài nàlǐ, dāng wǒ xūyào tā) Transliteration:I love my big brother. He's always there for me when i need him

—Ning Xiu on her brother

Keung is Ning Xiu's big brother and BFFIF (Best Friend Forever In Family). The two are very close Ning Xiu often comes to him for advice. Every other weekend Ning Xiu stays at her brothers house. It is shown that Keung will bend over backwards to make sure his little sister is safe.


Lorenzo Fields


Lorenzo is Juliya's semi-boyfriend only because he treats her as an object and his "property". She isn't allowed to speak or communicate in any way with his friends. To him she's just a "thing" to order around and beat up if she disobeys. Jonald isn't aware of the semi-boyfriend scenario because she isn't allowed to even tell anybody about him. This is his way of keeping her trapped in a nightmare situation. There relationship is more based on fear, power, and control.