Krystal Hale  is a recurring character in The Everson House . A fellow juvie and the first person Jacqueline met upon arrival at Riverbend. She is portrayed by main cast star Ora Lowe.


Krystal is described as tough, mean, and risky. When it comes to her friends wither she's in juvie or not she's going to get into fights to protect her friends. She's overly cocky and has narcissistic attitude towards herself traits seen by her friends. Krystal has very violent tendencies as revealed to Jacqueline as she was her cell mate. Though underneath all that narcissism and violence is a wonderful young girl with a huge heart. People have described Krystal as the entj personality type.



Krystal is an average height fourteen year old girl with Reddish-Brown hair and a slim build.





Jacqueline Binh



Jacqueline her immediate friend

I heard this girl crying I looked up from my book and saw this girl who couldn't have been more then 11. The guards then open my cell and say "Hale you got a cell mate" and or her in my cell and lock the door
—Krystal on Jacqueline

Jacqueline her loved one to protect

Upon Jacqueline arriving in the cell Krystal could immediately tell that she was vulnerable. Knowing what the general populace would do to her because they know she's weak she vowed to protect this girl no matter what. Not knowing what such an innocent looking girl would be doing here but realizing it when she looked up and responded "got mixed up in a drug bust didn't ya?" to which she replies "yes". Unable to believe what idiots the cops where shook her head in disbelief and said "damn cops always screwing people's lives up".


Lorenzo Fields

Hated Enemy


Lorenzo her hatred enemy

When I saw that blonde headed a hole I just wanted to take a piece of glass AND SHOVE IT RIGHT INTO HIS F***ING JUGULAR VEIN
—Krystal on her immediate hatred of Lorenzo

Lorenzo her immediate hated enemy

For whatever reason from the minute Lorenzo walked through those doors Krystal hated him. The reason being is because she already knew what he had done to get there. She immediately attributed it to her past where her uncle abused her and called her his property. For this reason anybody who is an abuser she immediately hates them. She even said to herself that she wanted to take a piece of glass and jam it into his jugular vein.


  • Despite her character having violent tendencies Ora Lowe the actress that portrays her is actually really kind and loving