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Mommy and Daddy where drunk again
—Jabrielle to Keywon about there parents

Jabrielle is the 7 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel and the little sister to Keywon Daniel


Jabrielle is the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel. As such she gets the brunt of her parents drunken rage.


Jabrielle is described by her brother as happy, caring, playful amongst other things. She can also be a tad on the quiet side. She loves her family well the ones who don't hit her and yell at her. She's not afraid to come to the aide of people she cares about but when she's around her parents and oldest brother she's very soft spoken [1]. When she's around her friends she is very talkative always trying to put her 2 cents in. It takes her some time to really get close to someone but once she does there's no getting rid of her, so if you choose to be friends with Gaby you be ready for a long term friendship because this little girl will never stop being your field. Jabrielle is described as the INFJ type.



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