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Isabella is the eldest foster sister of Annie. She is African American she has a very good fashion sense. She loves her foster family & is currently a Guardian in training.


Season 2-3

Isabella was born at 2:30 am she was healthy and happy

Season 3-Present

We see Isabella growing up to the beutiful young women we see today. Isabella wants to be a guardian.

Physical Appearance

Isabella is a tall African american girl with black hair & brown African american skin




Isabella is happy, cheerful 15 year old girl. She is usually courteous, she never takes risks no matter what. She is occasionally ambitious, she's typically nurturing. Isabella is creative & practical. She often has a very hard time saying no seen when a bewitched Ruby Webber asked her to disable the Traptanium containment unit. Isabella is law-abiding, traditional & unadventurous (except when her friends want her to sneak out, but you didn't hear it from me). Isabella is people-oriented & cooperative. Isabella is selfless & reliable, you ask her to pick up milk from the store she'll come back with milk and occasionally she'll pick up a candy bar. Isabella is emotionally aware & kind. The most important thing to her is family.


Ron Everson

Best Friend

Jonald and I are best friends. We spend a lot of time together It's not weird. Anyways he's always there for me and vice versa with me
—Isabella on Jonald

Ron and Isabella get along very well. Isabella often comes to Ron

for help and advice. Recently Isabella has come to Ron for advice on her growing crush on Jedi.

Emily Prescott


In Bewitched Ruby Isabella was assigned Emily's temporary guardian. Once she was freed of the bewitchment spell Ruby was
reassigned to Emily. In To Vortal with You after the magic melee and after Ruby and Emily where rescued from the dyad tree Ruby was expelled and Isabella was assigned Emily and Ethans permenent Temporary Guardian.

Ethan Prescott


Ethan Prescott

Jedidiah Willis

Major Crush

Isabella has a huge crush on Jedi and not because he's famous but


 because he is himself and not pretending to be somebody else.

Sha'quan Anderson