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Beatrice is the youngest daughter of Esther and Salvatore Donnell, and the youngest sister of Rosie


Beatrice is a loving and delightful young girl, she loves her family and is determined to get there attention. Bea is also assertive when it comes to protecting her loved ones, she can be daring when she wants cookies right before supper. She's clever, supportive and venturous when it comes to supporting her family when there upset. But despite all this she also makes time to be a little girl. Wether it be getting in trouble or reading a book or even falling asleep in the oddest places she's always there to back up her family.

Beatrice's personality in general is ISTP as she likes exploring with her hands and eyes. She touches the world around her with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity. Bea explores ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error and first hand experience. She enjoys having others take an interest in her projects and will bug the heck out of somebody to get them to take notice. She sometimes wants them to get into her space however that's in the condition that they don't interfere with her principles and freedom, and they need to be open to her returning the interest I kind. She especially likes to lend a hand to people that she cares about. But this in no way means she won't help others as well. Based on Myers-Briggs personality Beatrice is classified as an...